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GEC LPA400X Low Profile Aircraft Scales

GEC LPA400x Low Profile Aircraft Scales

GEC has introduced the new and improved LPA400x to replace the LPA400 low-profile aircraft weighing system. The new LPA unit has a larger weighing area and greater capacity, making it versatile enough to weigh a range of aircrafts.

The advanced features and special alloy of the LPA400x translate to:
• Readings from 1 – 45,000 in 1 lb/1 kg increments
• Improved accuracy - ±0.1%
• Quicker weight and balance drills
• First time precise calculations

TR Calibration has a strong association with most major manufacturers and can source test and measurement equipment to suit your requirements. Combined with our calibration capacity, we have you covered. If you can’t immediately see what you are looking for please send a quote request and we will provide a quick response.
GEC LPA400x Low Profile Aircraft Scales

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