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DMQ Rebound Hardness Tester QH5 Series

DMQ QC5 Advanced Coating Thickness Gauges

The QC5 Series advanced Dry Coating Thickness Gauges accurately measure coatings and platings with ease. This instrument features 9 calibration modes, calibration memories, graphics, statistics, a memory to store up to 32000 readings, and much more. This device can conduct continuous measurements (up to 99 per minute) with errors of 1 to 3%. The dmq DataCenter Software allows for effortless data transfer via USB and easy to use reporting tools. dmq probes with CalTag technology included.

Ideal for:

  • Measuring coatings and platings
  • Using on controls in production
  • Checking finished products
  • Measuring paint, varnish, lacquer
  • Measuring niquel, zinc, chrome
  • Inspecting galvanized steel
  • Checking OPC drum cartridges

TR Calibration has a strong association with most major manufacturers and can source test and measurement equipment to suit your requirements. Combined with our calibration capacity, we have you covered. If you can’t immediately see what you are looking for please send a quote request and we will provide a quick response.
DMQ Rebound Hardness Tester QH5 Series

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