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Calibration Bath Fluids

Bath fluids for liquid calibration covering temperature ranges from -100°C to 550°C..

Model Description
5011 Bath Salt, 125 lb (fills a 30 litre tank)
5010 Silicone Oil Type 200.05, -40°C to 130°C
5011 Mineral Oil, 10°C to 175°C
5012 Silicone Oil Type 200.10, -30°C to 209°C
5013 Silicone Oil Type 200.20, 10°C to 230°C
5014 Silicone Oil Type 200.50, 30°C to 278°C
5017 Silicone Oil Type 710, 80°C to 300°C
5019 Halocarbon 0.8 Cold Bath Fluid, -100°C to 70°C
5020 Ethylene Glycol, -30°C to 90°C (mixed 1:1 with water
5022 Dynalene HF/LO, -65°C to 58°C
5023 HFE Cold Bath Fluid, -75°C to 100°C


TR Calibration has a strong association with most major manufacturers and can source test and measurement equipment to suit your requirements. Combined with our calibration capacity, we have you covered. If you can’t immediately see what you are looking for please send a quote request and we will provide a quick response.
Calibration Bath Fluids

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